To get optimum lifespan out of your grass there are a few measures that you can take once it has been installed correctly:

  • Maintenance of sand infill. The infill is important because it provides weight to secure the product and helps provide support to the grass fibres thereby improving performance in wear and visual appearance of the lawn. The sand also prevents furniture/play equipment legs from damaging the latex backing. There are some products that do not require a sand infill in areas of low use, however we still recommend the correct infill amount to be applied to these grasses to protect the base. We recommend an annual re-dressing.
  • Removal of excess debris such as autumn leaves. A small amount of leaves and other natural debris can add to the realism of your lawn but if left to build up and decompose it can block the drainage of the grass and lead to moss growth. Occasional brushing with a stiff brush will not only remove debris but also prevent the sand infill from settling.

These measures are laid out in the Tiger Turf guarantee, and along with correct installation will ensure you are protected. See below for the perfect green grass maintenance service.

Maintenance Service

Our lawn maintenance service is an easy way to keep your lawn looking and feeling great for years to come. We reccomend this service once every 12 - 18 months.
The service includes:

    • Removing debris from the surface of your lawn using our power brush and lawn vac.
    • Topping up the infill with green sand.
    • Power brushing the surface to revitalise the pile.
    • Applying weed killer around the edge of your lawn.


We do not treat the surface of your artificial grass with weed killer as it does not dissipate quickly into the soil due to the base of the grass acting as a barrier. This could leave harmful substances on the surface of your lawn.

Our service team currently operates within Gloucestershire at the following costs:
Up to 30m2 £65.00
30m2 to 60m2 £95.00
60m2 to 90m2 £115.00

For lawns over 90m2 please call us for a custom quotation.

Pet owners please add £0.30 per m2 to the cost for your lawn if you would like us to include an antibacterial deodoriser treatment in the service.

Please bear in mind that due to topping up of infill, the service can only be conducted on a dry day.

All prices include VAT.


Although artificial grass is low maintenance it is NOT no maintenance.

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Information for pet owners:

Because our pets need outdoor areas when nature calls, our grasses have good drainage for any liquids to dissipate. However we recommending hosing the lawn down with water after your pets have taken advantage of this. If extra help is needed then a mild detergent such as washing up liquid can be used. The manufacturer also recommends the following 3 products for odour and stain removal from artificial turf:

  • Four Paws Industrial Strength Stain & Odour Remover available in store at Just 4 pets and on line at
  • Pet Wee Away available on line
  • Pets at Home antimicrobial stain and odour remover.

Interested in our Maintenance Service?

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